Thanks for visiting , this is our official website giving you an up to date information on the company . Presenting a portfolio of the business with our Aims  and objectives as well as an outlined Vision and Goals We hope you will find this site useful. 

Who We Are


Teksolutions-inc.Ltd is a research engineering consultancy company with expertise in the advanced engineering coupled with ICT.  We  invest and work on state of the art innovative ideas and concept that can be introduced on the market as either product or services. This is done through a systematic routine way of work designed to accommodate any setbacks and flaws during project life cycle management.

We provide consulting and advice on complex advanced engineering issues through research to our niche target market.
Our motor ; "BRINGING INNOVATION TO LIGHT"  serves as our motivational theme as its metaphorically simplifies the aims and objective of the company. 

What We Can Do For You


The nature of our work demands the exploration of work in engineering as it touches almost every faculty in science and technology, this is made possible through research . Our business models are designed specifically around our area of expertise and projects that we get involved.
As a micro SME company with many expertise in science and technology, we see the future to be promising and bright.The state of the industry for now and the future requires our services and expertise as market demand is driven by sophisticated and advanced technology to provide a much convenient and flexible way of life.

Teksolutions-Inc.Ltd ventures into such business with business model tailored to consumer requirements and needs

Our Approach To Innovation

Business Management

 An illustration of strategic processes in which we approach each project in order to offer best consulting services . Our day to day routine work aims to fulfil and accomplish the aims and objectives set with this model.    

Business Development

We have become accustomed to an ideal flexible way of conducting business through our own scheduled proven strategic method of work throughout any project life cycle management phase.  

Business Solutions

Our broad scope of expertism in advanced engineering enable us to take our consulting services  a step further by providing cutting edge solutions to some of the most complex issues at stake.