Product And Services

The company's business model emerged from a spin out enterprise model and as a result, our main focus is on the long term prospect as a result of the short term achievements . Challenging times to growth requires initiative that would mitigate any risk currently and in the future . It is therefore imperative , that we are able to adapt to changes to be resilient and stay relevant to the industry. 

Our product and services is a reflection of our continued successful journey of constant improvement to adapt to challenges within the industry . 

Our services are therefore tailored with a our expertise and exposure in the fields listed. We provide Engineering consulting services in software systems design architecture and development. We also provide engineering consulting services for product development in systems design framework for advanced digital manufacturing for the automotive engineering,aeronautic engineering, nautical engineering,clinical engineering , and telecoms industries. 

Intangible Assets And Innovation Management

We have mastered the art of managing innovation as a result of our daily routine work procedures. The company holds , at the moment, eight intellectual properties in the form of patents, trademarks and copyrights. This is worth around £1.9 million . We acknowledge the fact that a companies market value is in its intangible assets and such , we recognize and need to safeguard our work to conform with industry standards.This is a familiar process that has earned us a reputation to present this as a service when the need be.