Who We Are

Teksolutions-Inc.Ltd is a typical research and development consulting business in the advanced digital manufacturing industry . The business model is derived from a spin out enterprise where the focus is on long term secured business prospects as a result of short term prospect. This is accomplished by identifying and capitalizing on the market opportunity Gap existing between tech. industries and academia research. 

We invest into state if the art, cutting edge , emerging technologies that can be brought on the market as innovative disruptive product or service. The company can boast of a 1.9 million worth of intellectual properties classified as intangible assets. The company is at the moment on the verge of introducing a revolutionary project life cycle management platform – PLM for Automotive,aeronautic,nautical,telecomms,energy ,clinical and structural engineering and manufacturing sector. The goal is to provide the PLM platform as a SaaS .

Research and products development has always been vital to manufacturing and and for that matter, industrialization however, these have been apart for long until recently when companies realized the need and business opportunities  of having a research department. Most big companies have this but this lack the expertise and sometimes insufficient funds so reliance is still on research institute's ideal methods on harnessing big innovative ideas to resolve engineering problem which requires enormous amount of funds. Research institutes also continue with their  research work backed by the Government funding which involves a huge investment in many innovative ideas to solve problems in the industry but they fail to be brought on the market due to lack of proper market research to test consumer market dynamics and trends.

A typical example on how this business model/plan is used as a commercial resource is by considering the amount of stored intellectual properties by research institute that has not been explored or of no market relevance due to the traditional industry rules. This leaves a market gap as a result of innovative solutions not being fully utilized as a result of not bringing these innovations on the market

Our Approach To Work

The current state of the tech. industry is highly competitive even for a niche market like our business models, we therefore need to create a strategic plan that will channel and present the business focus as a stand out, unique engineering consulting company. We have therefore developed a strategic method to work that identifies all the elements that comes into to play to enable us accomplish and resolve  complex  business matters with each project that we embarked . 


Strategic Process To Work

Teksolutions-Inc.Ltd's customed way emphasizes on three fundamental challenges that most Tech. Companies  are familiar with regards  to research and development work however, it is imperative to note how vital it is on observing a standard procedure to work which enables innovation . Identifying a method and technique on resolving a problem is the first step to realizing innovation . However, innovation is not fully realized until it is implemented or applied to a state of the art , cutting edge technology.  


Our Project Lifecycle Management Approach

 As a typical research and development micro consulting SME, we rely heavily on data to achieve our goals , aims and objectives. The chart shows our proven strategic way of work which has always been successful in managing any size of project that get ourselves engaged.

We set emphasis on conducting research on key pillars thus , proof of concept, proof of market and route to market through a thorough feasibility study approach where these pillars  are linked in various forms to ascertain a formidable outcome.